Sunday, August 26, 2012

NASA World Wind Europa Challenge Summer School

This opportunity is intended to professors and skilled experts in opensource use and related application development in university/college environment or decision makers/desk officers at governmental agencies dealing with information strategy, research and innovation. You are encouraged to disseminate this call. 
Interested people should read the flyer and the referred website carefully, and act asap.The deadline for the registration is September 1.

Monday, August 06, 2012

HUNAGI's Newsblog in Hungarian is frequently visited from abroad as well.

HUNAGI Napló (HUNAGI's newsblog in Hungarian) has a wide reader community from all over the world. The secret is relatively simple: majority of the topics have international relevance and there is a translation service provided by Google to facilitate the understanding of the posted information (and the associated columns). The Visitors' Map shows the geographically distribution of the page visitors. The last entries are related to the successful MSL landing on the Mars and HUNAGI's actions related to the LAPSI Project, NASA World Wind opensorce kit related Europa Challenge on apps development, as well as the coming missions at the Digital Earth Summit and ICSU CODATA conference.