Monday, January 24, 2011

HUNAGI Conference on Spatial Planning attracts experts also from abroad

The first GI-related Conference with international participation in Budapest under the Hungarian EU Presidency. Topics: Harmonised spatial data support for digital spatial planning. Dissemination of the Plan4all project achievements and European best practices 
Az Országház épülete január 24-én délben. Kép: HUNAGI fotógyűjtemény, 2011
News of the day:
  • Secretary-general Bino Marchesini just confirmed the presence of Prof. Mauro Salvemini, President of EUROGI
  • Tomas Mildorf, Manager of the EU project Plan4all indicated his interest to come and attend. He offered posters, A4 leaflet (click on the header) and potential speakers too. 
  • National GI Associations of the Czech Rebublic and Slovakia (CAGI ad SAGI respectively) will be represented.
  • Major industry representative expessed its interest to exhibit.
Program: please see the previous post.
On-line registration: here
Breakdown of the already registered participants according to sectors:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HUNAGI Conference 2011

Digital Spatial Planning - a Reality or Utopia?
Plan4all: Harmonised spatial data for the digital spatial planning
HUNAGI Conference 2011 
(an extended Plan4all Workshop with international participation) 
Venue: Hotel Gellért, Budapest 1st floor
Date: 3rd of March 
On-line registration is required. There is no registration fee.
To register please click on the header or the link here
Preliminary Program

Draft title or context 
Presentation language  (HU, EN)

Chair: Barkóczi, Zsolt
Setting the scene
Barkóczi, Zsolt President
Prof. Mauro Salvemini 
Spatial planning and SDI in Europe (EN)
Dr.Ing. Corrado Iannucci
Plan4all expert
Summary and highlights of Plan4all (EN)
Ministry of Interior
Dr. Szaló, Péter
Under-State Secretary
Spatial and settlement planning and GIS from the perspective of the Ministry of Interior (HU)
Ministry of Rural Development
Dr. Simon, István Attila
Issues related to the access of spatial data (HU)
Under arrangement
Data policy/service (HU)
Urbanistical Knowledge Centre Ltd of the Hungarian Urbanistical Society

Ongjerth, Richárd Executive Director
Practice of use of GIS in spatial planning at the Urbanistical Knowledge Centre (HU)
Buffet lunch


Chair: dr. Remetey-Fülöpp Gábor
Spatial planning practice using spatial data
DHI (CZ) and RIKS (NL)
Nagy Zsuzsanna - Roel Vanhout
Spatial decision supporting systems
(slides in EN, presentation in HU)

PestTerv Ltd.
Schuchmann, Péter – Mándi, József
Spatial data as needed from the planners’ perspective (HU)
AGEO/CEIT Alanova (AT)
Manfred Schrenk Executive Manager
SDI support for spatial planning:
best practice from Austria (EN)
Capital Self-government
Under arrangement
Budapest: City management and GIS
Moderated discussion
Moderated by Juhász, Géza Péter

Coffee break


Chair: Rab, András Attila
Standardized spatial data support of spatial planning
Jiri Hiess President, -Robert Fencik PhD
Cross-border and other advanced apps
Juhász, Géza Péter – Göncz Annamária

Technological solutions in advanced spatial planning (HU)
Toronyi, Bence General-director
Service development of digital land registry and cadaster (HU)

Dr. Takács, András Attila Deputy General-director
Metadata service in nature protection (HU)
Kurenkov, Vjacseszláv
Electronic Public Utility Registry (HU)
Moderated discussion
Moderated by Ongjerth, Richárd

Closing words
Dr. Remetey-Fülöpp, Gábor
Did we achieved the goals? (HU)

Venue of the conference will be the art-nouveau Hotel Gellért
in downtown Budapest on the right bank of the Danube. 
Image: HUNAGI visuals resource, 2010

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Operation of the Website of the Hungarian Government announced

As it was reported by the media earlier this week, the single window service of the Republic of Hungary has been opened and operates in beta version. The Internet platform ( will serve as one-stop shop as contribution to the good governance and provides access to all ministries.
Please be advised, the former websites of the ministries

        Office of the Prime Minister   Miniszterelnökség
        Ministry of Interior  Belügyminisztérium
        Ministry of  Defence  Honvédelmi Minisztérium
        Ministry of Public Administration and Justice  Közigazgatási és Igazságügyi Minisztérium
        Ministry of Foreign Affairs   Külügyminisztérium
        Ministry of National Economy  Nemzetgazdasági Minisztérium
        Ministry of National Resources  Nemzeti Erőforrás Minisztériuma
        Ministry of National Development  Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium
        Ministry of Rural Development  Vidékfejlesztési Minisztérium

will be kept but not anymore updated.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Red mud disaster files - news published by the courtesy of INTERSPECT Ltd

From our daily mail. Mr. Gábor Bakó, manager of the INTERSPECT Ltd. member non-profit company of HUNAGI has released the following news to be published on the HUNAGI blogs:
Red mud disaster files

The high resolution images of the grievous red mud disaster that happened in Hungary in October 2010 were made with aerial remote sensing and have been made available on a public portal at, along with information in connection with the disaster. The research was carried out by a team of young researchers, who are also the creators of the world's highest geometrical (terrain) resolution aerial mosaic (
By presenting the disaster stricken area their aim is to provide help and to draw attention to the prevention of such industrial disasters.
They mapped the area from the air with a unique airplane transformed for this purpose and with a self-designed camera system on several occasions . They participated efficiently in the site investigations as well. The images are especially useful for the disaster management, the ministries and the universities that took part in the evaluation process.
These images record the changes taking place in building stocks, vegetation, wildlife and soil- and water quality. With their help we can make deductions concerning longterm environmental effects.
Further images and aerial maps depicting the area are available at
The disaster damaged the wildlife as well: dead fish 10 metres from Torna creek. Deer footprints in the red mud  (images: © Gábor Bakó – INTERSPECT Ltd.)

The damaged red mud dump   (images: © Gábor Bakó – INTERSPECT Ltd.)

The contents of the houses were taken away by the mud flood through the windows (images: © Gábor Bakó – INTERSPECT Ltd.)
For details please click on the header.

Homepage of the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

To visit the official website please click on the header.