Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Red mud disaster files - news published by the courtesy of INTERSPECT Ltd

From our daily mail. Mr. Gábor Bakó, manager of the INTERSPECT Ltd. member non-profit company of HUNAGI has released the following news to be published on the HUNAGI blogs:
Red mud disaster files

The high resolution images of the grievous red mud disaster that happened in Hungary in October 2010 were made with aerial remote sensing and have been made available on a public portal at, along with information in connection with the disaster. The research was carried out by a team of young researchers, who are also the creators of the world's highest geometrical (terrain) resolution aerial mosaic (
By presenting the disaster stricken area their aim is to provide help and to draw attention to the prevention of such industrial disasters.
They mapped the area from the air with a unique airplane transformed for this purpose and with a self-designed camera system on several occasions . They participated efficiently in the site investigations as well. The images are especially useful for the disaster management, the ministries and the universities that took part in the evaluation process.
These images record the changes taking place in building stocks, vegetation, wildlife and soil- and water quality. With their help we can make deductions concerning longterm environmental effects.
Further images and aerial maps depicting the area are available at
The disaster damaged the wildlife as well: dead fish 10 metres from Torna creek. Deer footprints in the red mud  (images: © Gábor Bakó – INTERSPECT Ltd.)

The damaged red mud dump   (images: © Gábor Bakó – INTERSPECT Ltd.)

The contents of the houses were taken away by the mud flood through the windows (images: © Gábor Bakó – INTERSPECT Ltd.)
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