Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HUNAGI at the ICSU CODATA Conference

The 32nd CODATA Conference was held between 27-31 October in Taipei, hosted by the Academica Sinica.
HUNAGI was invited by ISDE Secretary General Academician Guo Huadong, President of CODATA in the session "Digital Earth in a data intensive era" together with a German and three American speakers. The subject of the Hungarian talk was "Shared and Open Data in Europe from an NGO perspective". 
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Sunday, October 07, 2012

HUNAGI contributions to the GSDI Legal and SocioEcon Committee Report

Submitted to Roger Longhorn, Chair, Communication and Outreach Committee, GSDI Association:
Actions in September

Between 2-4 September 2012 at the 4th Digital Earth Summit, GSDI Legal and Socioeconomic Committee member Gabor Remetey of HUNAGI presented a paper on the EU Project Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information of project manager Cristiana Sappa (Torino Law School)  and Patrick Hogan (NASA Ames Research Center). The Conference was held in Wellington was hosted and supported by the Land Information New Zealand and attracted over 400 people from over 20 countries. Major keynotes of the event on video: Just before the conference the Executive Committee of the International Society of Digital Earth held a meeting where the relationship with GSDI Association was also discussed.
The Summer School related to the open source NASA World Wind Europa Challenge (WWEC) held in Como between 19-21 September was attended Gabor Remetey, one of the invited member of the WW International Scientific Committee who delivered a presentation on the role and potentials of a INSPIRE Spatial Data Interest Community (SDIC) in the WWEC in the  Digital Earth Vision 2020 context. The goal of the initiative is to mobilize European University students to participate an Annual WW Europa Challenge by designing and developing apps using the open source WW developing kit. JRC IES Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit shown also interest in the initiative. The Summer School was hosted by Professor Maria A. Brovelli of the Como Campus of the Politecnico di Milano. The homepage of the WWEC will be established by PoliMi in the next days. The event was participated by nearly 50 professors, lecturers as well as graduate and PhD students. Besides NASA ARC, UCL, University Münster students from numerous European universities were present. 
After Budapest and Tokyo hosted by HUNAGI and Jaxa respectively, the autumn meeting of the CEOS Working Group on Information Systems and Services was held in Hyderabad hosted by ISRO. GSDI liaison Gabor Remetey delivered his liaison report to the plenary from Budapest using teleconference facility. CEOS WGISS  ( is the satellite arm of GEO and its  action plan discussed in Hyderabad is mostly related to some specific GEO task implementation.
At the 10 th annual Light-Space-Imagery Conference organised by GeoIQ Ltd and hosted by OGC member Károly Róbert College (KRF) in Gyöngyös, Hungary, HUNAGI representative provided information for the audience (about 90 experts in GIS, RS and photogrammetry) on 28th September. GSDI's ISG, GIKNet and the Regional Newsletters were highlighted. Themes of the conference include:
  • Remote Sensing projects of KRF
  • Recent remote sensing activities of FÖMI
  • ENVI5, the next generation of image analysis
  • The advantages of local tasking with WorldWiew sat
  • RS+GIS application in control of agri subsidies
  • TerraSAR technology and solutions
  • DTM and its applicabilities
  • Hungary (FÖMI) in the GEO Land program
  • On the Curiosity mission
  • Subpixel vegetation assessment using hyperspectral space imagery
  • Multidisciplinary UAV and UAS sensing applications
Actions in October

HUNAGI at the Cyberspace Conference held in Budapest

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Cyberspace Conference, Budapest
Snapshots taken during the event.

Monday, October 01, 2012

HUNAGI announcements at the 10th Light-Space-Imagery Conference held in Gyöngyös

Imagery-Map Conference
September 27-28, Gyöngyös, Hungary

Themes: Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Photogrammetry and GIS
Organised by GeoIQ Ltd
Hosted by KRF Károly Róbert College, Gyöngyös, Member of OGC and HUNAGI
Presented topics include:
Remote Sensing projects of KRF
Recent remote sensing activities of FÖMI
ENVI5, the next generation of image analysis
The advantages of local tasking with WorldWiew sat
RS+GIS application in control of agri subsidies
TerraSAR technology and solutions
DTM and applicabilities
Hungary (FÖMI) in the GEO Land program
On the Curiosity mission
Subpixel vegetation assessment using hyperspectral space imagery
Multidisciplinary UAV and UAS sensing applications
Fény-Tér-Kép 2012

GSDI Liaison report presented using GotoMeeting at the 34th WGISS Plenary

WWEC Summer School completed successfully

HUNAGI at the 4th Digital Earth Summit