Sunday, October 14, 2007

Albert A. Gore and the UN IPCC share the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

This highest acknowledgement for the researchers of Global Change gives also impetus for the communities working on enabling technologies and information services
The interdiscliplinary communities of this latter on global (GSDI), regional (EUROGI) and national level (eg. HUNAGI) play important role
For more news in the subject and its HUNAGI UNSDI HUCO relevance please visit our newsblog at
Just travelling to the site of the 24th CEOS Meeting of the Working Group Information Systems and Services held in Oberpfafenhofen on the premises of the German Aerospace Center a stopover was made in Seewalchen am Attersee to make this spot on the blog.

More news on the Earth Observation community latest achievement in line with the GEO Action Plan and their relevance with the global, regional and local spatial data infrastructure will be published here asap

Interesting addendum was just received from Debbie Gelbard from Jerusalem referring to the following link:

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