Tuesday, March 04, 2008

FAO Spatial Data Infrastructure Kick-off Meeting

FAO HQ in Rome. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007
FAO Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) kick-off meeting
Rome, 12 March 2008
From our daily mail: UNSDI HUCO was informed on the following news by FAO expert Jelle U. Hielkema:
FAO Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) kick-off meeting (by invitation only) will be held in Rome on 12 March 2008
The agenda of the internal meeting, chaired by Mr. Peter Holmgren, Director of NRC, will include:
o Showing of the DVD movie on the GEOportal, the ESA-FAO contribution to the GEO-IV Ministerial Summit, held in Cape Town from 28-30 November;
o Brief overview of the World Food Program SDI development status; Mr. Giorgio Sartori, WFP
o Briefing on the current status of the UNSDI development process;
o Review and discussion of the FAO SDI draft working paper;
o Review of proposed FAO-led UNSDI Deliverables;
o Formulation of follow-up action "

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