Thursday, May 01, 2008

GSDI - CEOS WGISS liaisonship

A phone telecommunication has been arranged for May 7 in the subject initiated by Ms. Martha E. Maiden, Chair of the Working Group on Information Systems and Services of the Earth Observation Group. She is Program Executive of the Earth Science Data Systems at the Science Mission Directorate of the NASA Headquarters. GSDI Association and the CEOS WGISS keep liasionship since the WGISS-22 Meeting held in Budapest hosted by HUNAGI/EOGEO Hungary in Spring 2006. The basic idea is to provide exchange of  views and information on achievements in the two community strengthen the links between the Earth Observation' ground segment information systems and services with the emerging spatial data infrastructures. The improved interoperability based capabilities could contribute to the societal benefits area of the GEOSS, in frame of the implementation of its 10-year program. More on the liasionship and WGISS at:
More on GSDI Association:

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