Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hungarian Standards Institute Technical Commission 818 on Geoinformatics

Some of the participants in the Ybl Room of the HSI HQ. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008
Meeting of the TC 818 'Geoinformatics' of the Hungarian Standards Institute
Hosted by Secretary Gábor Varga of HSI/TC818 and chaired by its President Dr. Szabolcs Mihály,  the Commission had a rich agenda today covering the recent activities of the CEN/TC 287 and ISO TC 211 as well as the action plan for 2008. 
Hungary is P Member of ISO/TC 211 since March 5, 2008. The upgrade was initiated by András Osskó and Gyula Iván, Chair and Vice-Chair of  the FIG Commission 7 elaborating the Land Administration Domain Model. HUNAGI representative welcome this upgrade and urged the importance of similar membership of a Hungarian university in OGC in order to enable access for information might be useful for some dedicated tasks to be performed in Hungary. The ongoing Hungarian activities are related to the adoption of EN ISO 19128, 19131 and 19137.
Fortunately, all of the HSI/TC818 actors are members of HUNAGI and belongs to stakeholder institutions of UNSDI HUCO.
The 2nd Conference of CEN/TC287 started today at FAO HQ was shortly mentioned emphasizing the opportunities for the  Hungarian Standards Institute if the  'clone'  subregional CEN/TC 287 Conference will be decided to be hosted by Budapest in six months.
The subject will be discussed by HUNAGI Presidential Board asap, by the participation of the  President of  HSI/TC 818.  

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