Friday, October 03, 2008

UNSDI Stakeholder Meeting Report

Mr. T.Suha Ulgen wrote in his circular:
"Dear Colleagues,
Please find attached the UN Spatial Data Infrastructure (UNSDI) Stakeholder Meeting Reports held in Geneva on 20 June 2008 at the International Environment House. The reports reflect the discussions on the way forward to the implementation of a UNSDI , as proposed in the draft Interim UNSDI Framework Document (drafted after the February 2007 Rome UNGIWG meeting) and the governance structure (as proposed at the November 2008 Bangkok Plenary meeting).
As decided upon at the meeting, the Co-chairs and the Secretariat of UNGIWG will table a resolution/strategy for UNSDI at the 9th Plenary Meeting of UNGIWG in Vienna, Austria, in November 2008 for approval by UNGIWG Members to propose the following:
• The Draft UNSDI Framework Document should be read in conjunction with the UNSDI Strategy Document;
• UNGIWG continues to sponsor UNSDI;
• Approval of most members of UNGIWG is required to go ahead with the implementation of UNSDI;
• A lighter institutional structure with an UNSDI Board/Steering Committee, a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and a Project Team governs UNSDI implementation; and
• An Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) formalizes UNSDI as a Project with commitment from Senior Management of sponsoring UNGIWG members.
Next steps include the revision of the Interim UNSDI Framework Document and the drafting of the UNSDI Project Governance Terms of Reference by late September for a next round of consultations in preparation for a vote at UNGIWG-9. The Co-chairs will also undertake further outreach with respect to building institutional understanding, including with various senior managers in the UN System, future Co-chairs, as well as the CEB Secretariat, the ICT Network, the office of ASG and the Chief Information Technology Officer.
Best regards,
For Alta Haggarty (OCHA) and Karl Steinacker (UNHCR),
T. Suha Ulgen (Mr.)
Coordinator - UN Geographic Information Working Group Secretariat (UNGIWG)
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
Geneva, Switzerland..."
The enclosures have been mailed by circular to the members of the UNSDI HUCO Stakeholders (Steering Committee members)

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