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Friday, November 14, 2008

HUNAGI expressed its interest to host the ISDE-7 Conference in 2011

Meeting of the ExCom of Digital Earth chaired by Prof.Guo Huadong at the historical site of the Cupola of the Potsdam Observatory. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008
The Digital Earth Summit sessions are underway in the presence of Mr.Suha Ülgen, Director of the UNGIWG Secretariat (Geneva).
Yesterday the Executive Committee of Digital Earth had a formal meeting putting and discussing important topics on its agenda including the stage of the preparation of the Digital Earth Symposium will be held in Beijing (to be started on 9-9-2009...)
HUNAGI announced its continuous interest to host the next open Symposium (ie. in 2011) in Budapest. This expressed interest is supported by the Hungarian Association for Geo-information having over 100 institutional and organisational members), by its core members representing the National Mapping Agencies, local governments as well as the academic sector in geosciences. Yesterday also the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information expressed its support of the HUNAGI announcement. Details will be reported at the regular meeting of the National IYPE Committee hosted by the Hungarian Academy of Science scheduled for 8th December 2009.

HUNAGI Visuals resources, 2008

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