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Friday, January 09, 2009

eSDI-Net+ Consortium Conference in Greece

The meeting will be hosted by SEERC ( in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Important documents will be submitted to the European Commission just before the meeting.
The participants will discuss internal project topics including:
Best Practice Analysis - Presentation of activities
Methodology, interviewing, local (national, regional) workshops
Difficulties in defining best practices
Results or expected results - Discussion on the status, open issues, next steps
Best Practice Assessment
Initial Proposal of Criteria, Indicators and measure for best practice award
Lessons learned from the national SDI evaluations and WSs for the next step
Define the criteria used for the Award process on European level
Concept planning and detailling Award Planning
which will be presented at the project review meeting in Brussels, 2nd of February.
HUNAGI provided contributions to the Dissemination activities as well as to the WorkPackage 2
devoted to Subregional Spatial Data Infrastructure evaluation, workshop and related reports.
HUNAGI will inform on the results as soon as the information will be public.

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