Thursday, March 12, 2009

8th GIS Conference in Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Partners in the FP7 project called CEUBIOM lead by Geonardo Ltd, Hungary. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2009
CEUBIOM summary provided by Péter Gyuris GIS expert of Geonardo Ltd:
"With the advent of Earth Observation (EO) techniques in natural sciences, an increasing interest has been documented by experts for using these approaches in order to estimate the potential of biomass production for specific areas.
The combined use of EO-derived data with in-situ measurements based on common agricultural and forestry survey practices can be a powerful tool for assessing biomass potential.
The ambition of CEUBIOM project is to develop a Platform and a self-sustained e-service that will directly assist and train professionals from the EO, agricultural and EO/biomass sectors about the new, common and harmonised applications of EO and a better understanding of each other’s requirements.
More details at: "
Another interesting presentation was delivered by Balázs Hóber of t DigiTerra Ltd. (member of HUNAGI) on solutions for in-situ measurements
Images of the trip to Nagykanizsa
The presentation "HUNAGI and the European Trends" can be downloaded by click on the headlines

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