Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poster on the Hungarian thematic SDI VinGIS on display at Jaxa's Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan.

After the intervention of HUNAGI delegate on behalf GSDI Association at the CEOS WGISS27 held in Toulouse some days ago, RESTEC representative Ms. Shinobu Kawahito expressed her interest on the Hungarian best practices in agricultural applications. As example the VinGIS poster was submitted in e-form. Today the poster hangs in printed form at the Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan.
She wrote in her e-mail yesterday:
" Dear Dr. Gabor Remetey
It was nice to talk with you at the last WGISS meeting in Toulouse.
Please find photos of the poster you kindly provided me.
When I printed it out, my colleague who favors wine mentioned
Hungary is famous for its excellent wine such as TOKAJI wine.
No wonder GIS technology like that VineGIS is practically
operated in Hungary.
In Japan, major crop is paddy. We are now involved in an
agricultural pilot project where GIS and satellite imagery are
used to extract, analyze paddy field. Wheat is a next crop
in our interests.
Thanks very much for the poster and its best practices.
Best regards,
Shinobu Kawahito"
Image courtesy by Shinobu Kawahito of RESTEC, 2009

For more information on VinGIS please click on the header
For more information on FÖMI and its Remote sensing Centre please visit: www.fomi.hu
For more information on RESTEC please visit http://restec.or.jp

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