Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The John von Neumann Digital Library and Multimedia Centre Public Company will take part in the LAPSI project's HUNAGI Task Force

From our daily mail:
Mr. István Songa of the Neumann Public Ltd. wrote earlier today:
" The John von Neumann Digital Library and Multimedia Centre Public Company is a non-profit public company. We consider it our main aim to facilitate access and reutilization of Hungarian digital contents, with special attention to constructing the infrastructure of state data property. The National Digital Data Archive program concentrates on content based infrastructure development. We initiate solutions that allow for a uniform accessibility of public data, a reutilization of the cultural data property as well as an expansion of the content market. The Act CI of 2007 on “the providing of accessibility of data required for decision making” and its enactment are in effect since 1 December 2007. These statutes ensure that certain government figures can access and combine databases built by public institutions in order to back up decisions that affect the economy and/or the society, but only with the maintaining of complete anonymity of individuals. Such joint and anonym databases become public data, and can be accessed by every citizen. In the enactment the government assigned Neumann as the institution responsible for creating these databases, as it already had former experience in managing electronic registers and databases.
As Neumann has already worked on amending existing legislation on accessibility of information before, it was asked by the Prime Minister’s Office to supervise the implementation of the PSI directive with the fullest scope possible. In order to fulfil the assignment Neumann started two separate projects, but with the same personnel working on them, so that they will be harmonised. One intends to create a public data portal, while the other is to mark out the statutes that need to be changed or amended and create the model of charging for these services. The expected completion of these projects is due the end of 2009.
Neumann intends to take part in the Legal Aspects of PSI project with the sharing of relevant knowledge and expertise about current projects with the other participating parties."
HUNAGI Task Force has so far members of the MoARD (FVM FTF), FÖMI, MATISZ and the highly relevant Neumann. We strongly hope, the LAPSI project proposal will be well received by the European Commission. Information will be given on the decision as soon as possible.

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