Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preliminary Program of the HUNSPACE-HUNAGI Space Workshop

The Danube Bend north of Budapest, where the Workshop site is located. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2004   
Preliminary Programme of the Space Workshop  organised by HUNSPACE and HUNAGI 
Please note, the primary aim of this workshop is to provide assistance for the Hungarian SMEs to find their way toward ESA/EC projects.

Date: 23-26 September 2010 
Venue: Thermal Hotel, Visegrád

Sept 23 
10 am-12 am Opening session

2 pm -7:30 pm  GI-related business and cooperation opportunities on the European scene
GI means in this context Earth Observation and GNSS supported solutions, applications and services. 
Mauro Salvemini (President, EUROGI)
Walter Mayer (Executive Manager, PROGIS Ltd, Austria): Holistic AGRO-ICT- solutions considering also the integration of horizontal and vertical stakeholders
Bernard Pacher (Executive Manager, ADCON Ltd., Austria) tbc.
JánosTegzes (Production Manager, Infoterra Hungary Ltd, Hungary): Infoterra: 10 years in GIS
Zoltán Verrasztó, Dusan Kocicky, Róbert Németh (Cholnoky Ltd - , Hungarian-Slovakian Team): Környezeti monitoring-rendszer fejlesztése korszerű térinformatikai eszközrendszer felhasználásával az Ipoly folyó vízgyűjtő területére.
Tamás Horváth (Head of GNSS Service Centre, FÖMI SGOHungary): The Hungarian GNSS reference station infrastructure - Services and applications
Ildikó Dobi (Head of International Relations, Hung. Met Service OMSZ, Hungary): The cooperation between EUMETSAT and OMSZ
Péter Hargitai (GeoAdat Ltd, Hungary): ESA fejlesztésű földmegfigyelési technológiák hazai alkalmazási lehetőségei/ Application Possibilities of ESA Developed Earth Observation Technologies in Hungary
Zsolt Mihályfi (360°World Ltd, Hungary): Budapest 70 milliárd pixelen/Budapest on 70 billion pixels

Sept 24
Infoday on selected relevant topics for SMEs (speakers as planned)
G. Stjernevi (head of procurement office, ESA): “The European Space Agency  - it's procurement process and contracting principles"
H. Bracquené (VRI, SME4SPACE, Belgium): SME4SPACE
M.Pons( CNES, France): Opportunities in STAVE  programme
E.Both (HSO): “Opportunities in FP7 Space programme”
L.Dombai (OMSZ): “Tasks in EUMETSAT” (tbc)
T.Bárczy (ADMATIS): Prime/subcontractor/supplayer hierarchies under ESA rule

Sept 25
 Awareness & Strategy Workshop for the participants (incl. the Hungarian  Space Cluster Association and  HUNAGI)
Hildemann & Partners (Germany)

8:30 am - 7:30 pm

Sept 26
 How to write an ESA tender? Workshop orchestrated by the Hungarian SME ADMATIS Ltd.
P.Szirovicza (ADMATIS): ESA’s  info system: EMIT
P.Bárczy (ADMATIS): How to write a good ESA tender?

Bővebb információ: Minkó Melinda koordinátor, HUNSPACE

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