Monday, October 11, 2010

INTERSPECT surveys above Kolontár and the Aluminum-plant reservoir

Interspect Ltd a Hungarian SME in the field high resolution aerial surveys is exceptional busy in these days to monitor the damaged aluminum plant reservoir near to Ajka, West-Hungary. Interspect manager Mr. Gábor Bakó was kindly offered some important photographs for HUNAGI Newsblog, which were taken in early June and last week above the critical site. The high-resolution aerial photographs taken in early Summer might provide evidences on the quality status of the dam.
Mr. Bakó wrote recently: "We have been exploring the over expanding opencast mining and dumps that are potentially dangerous or simply are not in appropriate condition since the spring of 2010. The activity of public utility has been going on slowly as we have been doing it for our own objectives.
We have proposed the application of a remote sensing system (involving a complex aerial photography procedure) developed in the last half a year for the survey of environmentally and areas dangerous for human lives. We took photos of the area of the disaster as well on 11th and 12th June (see picture 1). Concerning the condition of the object some doubt ariose, but we were informed that it was under continuous control and we had no right to doubt the procedure. At present a remote sensing system cannot criticize investigations on the premises.
In our opinion the potentially dangerous objects in Hungary could be photographed within up to two weeks and thus an order of importance concerning danger, a kind of prioritization, a ranking on the basis of instrumental examinations could be made according to the immediacy of intervention, so that such deadly disasters would not happen again.
We are still looking for the financial facilities to make this method even more effective and to carry out the examinations faster. There is a great possibility that such disasters can be prevented if the renovation of such establishments is carried out in time and in the right order. Pictures 2, 3, 4 and 5 were taken two days after the disaster."
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Images:  © INTERSPECT - Bakó Gábor

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IGN - INNOVATION. Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. said...

from TV reports i know that the probability of reservoir damages were known already earlier, so why all time disasters can be handeled only AFTER the "big bang"... ?
fh / 10:10