Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New face for HUNAGI

The new logo for HUNAGI has been designed and produced by Ms. Réka Sajó, a young artist in graphics.
The logo can be downloaded from HUNAGI's Picasa album or in case if printing office quality is required it is also available by written request.
The first appearance of the new logo was actually at the 2nd HUNAGI Conference hosted by Hotel Gellért and even the international feedback was positive.
HUNAGI members and partners (including ITS Hungary, MLBKT, HUNSPACE, MATISZ) have been informed on the new logo yesterday by eNewsletter.
Our international partners such as  GISIG, EUROGI, GSDI, UNGIWG, ISDE, CEOS WGISS and other institutional links (including LAPSI, Plan4all, AGISEE, ) will be informed by the usual communication. The old logo might be used as banner.

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