Monday, March 04, 2013

Product list of GiziMap, a Hungarian Map Design & Publishing attracted some of the UNGIWG-13 participants

GiziMap's product list of 56 different countries, majority of them covering developing countries raised interest in many UN experts who attended the 13th UNGIWG Plenary meeting held in Istanbul last week including
Mr. Matjaz Prah, OSI coordinator, Office of the Director O-site Inspection Division, CTBTO, Vienna
Mr. T. Suha Ulgen, Senior advisor, Office of the Information and Communication, UN HQ, New York
Mr. John S. Latham, Senior Land and Water Officer (Geospatial Systems) Natural Resources Management and Environmental Department FAO, Rome 
Mr. David B. Kaatrud, Director of Emergencies, Operations Department World Food Programme, Rome
Mr. Kashif Rashid, GIS Operations Coordinator, Department of Emergency Operations, WFO, Rome
Hwa Saup Lee Geographic Information Management Officer of UNDSS (UN Dept. Safety and Security, Field Support Services 
Mr. Jeroen Ticheler, Director, GeoCAT, The Netherlands 
Mr. Patrick Florance, Manager, Geopatial Technology Services, University Information Technology Tufts University, Boston
Mr. György Zsiga, Cultural Routes in Turkey, Antalaya
For further information about GiziMap product please contact or
Note: GiziMap became member of HUNAGI in 2013.

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