Thursday, February 01, 2007

Useful talks on subregional networking

Johannes Keizer of FAO GILW.
Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007

Networks for exchange knowledge in Agriculture

Major topics covered:
Interoperability standards for document repositories , Berner Lee's vision on semantic web, metadata exchange, multilingual encoding of knowledge ( ), FAO thesaurus, AGROVOC, conclusion: collaboration is needed, information should be provided in machine readable form.

Arman Manukyan, Coordinator of FAO AgroWeb network is studying the FÖMI poster. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007

As Michal Demes of FAO SEUR emphesized in his opening speech, AgroWeb should be extended towards spatial informatics. It will be also a topic on the forthcoming talks of UNSDI HUCO/HUNAGI and FAO in Budapest, Frascati and Rome. This networking is in line with the action plan of EUROGI WAG IA towards the EU Neighbour Countries.

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