Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hungarian Consortium prepares participation of eSDI-Net+p Meeting

Meeting venue, the Fraunhofer Institute. Image source: Darmstadt, Cityreview from Internet

Kick-off Meeting of eSDI-Net+
with a Hungarian Consortium represented by HUNAGI
Darmstadt, 20-21 September 2007

Chaired by HUNAGI President Zsolt Barkóczi a meeting was held in Budapest yesterday to prepare the set up the consortium which takes part in the international eContentplus project called SDI-Net+.
The Hungarian participation will be coordinated by HUNAGI, which will serve as liason with Inigraphics, the overall project coordinator. The content will be provided by VÁTI and Ihlet Public Benefit Companies, HUNAGI and Bonaventura Ltd. The Kick-off meeting will be hosted by the Fraunhofer Institut's Inigraphics in Darmstadt, Germany on 20-21 September 2007.

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