Wednesday, August 08, 2007

UNSDI as reflected by the international press

Roger Longhorn, Editor of GEOconnexion at the 13th EC GIS/GI Workshop with the Winner of the Poster Contest. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007

GEOconnexion published article on UNSDI in its July/August Issue
From our mail. Roger Longhorn, Editor of the GeoConnexion Journal wrote:
"Gentlemen, The UNSDI article is in the July-August issue that begins shipping today and on-line at the magazine web site"
The article is a contribution of Jelle Hielkema, SDI expert of the UNGIWG Secretariat.
Please note, the future of the UNSDI strategy implementation will be on the agenda of the UN UNGIWG Meeting will be held in Bangkok in November this year. Our Newsblog will inform you on any development.

Our blog was visited today among others by NASA, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, ITC, Russian Space Science, John Wiley & Sons and National University of Rwanda.

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