Saturday, November 24, 2007

HUNAGI representative at the GEO IV Plenary in Cape Town

GEO Sec hosted by the WMO in Geneva. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006

GEO IV Plenary now in Africa

Report on the UIC meetings and the Plenary will follow soon.

Tentatively, also a visit at the Division Geomatics of the Department of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics is scheduled for 30th November.

At the Plenary, the Hungarian participant will represent the GSDI Association in a high profile Delagation including leading experts and decision makers of USGS, FGDC, ESRI, CIESIN/Columbia University and OGC.

GEO has 73 countries as members including the European Commission. Pakistan was the 73th entry some days ago. Hungary join the organisation in 2005 as 67th country. GEO Secretariat is hosted by the WMO in Geneva, Switzerland.

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