Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CAVEA-LABSITA at La Sapienza University of Roma hosted EUROGI and eSDI-Net+ Meetings

Outside working on the renovation of the Piazza Borghese, inside working on the GI/SDI supported future. Images: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008

Professor Mauro Salvemini of the CAVEA-LABSITA at the La Sapienza University of Roma hosted two important meetings related to the GI in Europe. First, the EUROGI Executive Committee Meeting was held on 1-2 February with rich content on policy issues and international affairs-related agenda items. HUNAGI contribution emphasizing also the UNSDI developments is available at www.fomi.hu/hunagi/pdf/2004/ExComHUNAGIv2pdf.pdf

On 4-5 February, the Workshop of the Word Package 2 of the European eContentplus project called eSDI-Net+ was hosted by CAVEA-LABSITA in the same room, where the late Economy Professor Amintore Fanfani (later Prime Minister of Italy six times) was working. This workshop was participated by the different Work Package leaders plus some invited experts from outside of the network.
HUNAGI members CORVINUS University (Prof. I. Tózsa) and the Ministry of Environment and Water/GRID (Mr. D.Mikus) submitted written contributions last week via HUNAGI to the WP2 leader Joao Geirinhas, Secretary General of EUROGI. The WG2 Workshop is devoted to develop methodology to define the selection criteria and evaluation procedures of best practice examples. The results of the workshop will be highlighted at the Consortium's eSDI-Net+ Meeting scheduled for early March hosted by EUROGI under the coordination of Mr. Joachim Rix of INI-Graphics of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. HUNAGI is consortium member but also its planned subcontractors including VÁTI and Bonaventura are ready to be involved.

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