Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HUCO/HUNAGI contribution to the UNSDI Capacity Building Deliverable Proposal

The following thougths as HUCO contribution, seconded by Jelle U. Hielkema was confirmed to be integrated into the Version 6 of the Proposal Document on the UNSDI Capacity Building element by Steeve Ebener, project manager of eHealth at WHO, Geneva.
" Raising awareness of UNSDI with public servants, decision makers in order to enable better governance on local, regional and country level, providing synergy with e-government programmes and governmental actions towards sustainable development
(N.B. Reasoning: it is obvious, the capacity building has an aim to influence the way of thinking in the administrations too. "Think spatially" as the slogan of the GSDI Association says.)
...I would recommend to add also the NGOs as potential partner
(Reasoning: NGOs - interdisciplinary or discipline oriented - are flexible, neutral, and mostly voluntarily committed partners, playing facilitator role)"

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