Friday, April 25, 2008

Geographic Information as eContent. Open Day on the EU eContentplus Program

Marcel Watelet (DG InfSo) and Pál Lévai (FÖMI). Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008. By click the photo gallery of the event can be downloaded
eContentplusOpenDay 2008 Budapest, Hungary
eContentplus Open Day in Budapest. 
Organised by MATISZ and hosted by the Ministry of Economics and Transport the open day attracted 48 participants. Highlighting some best practices, the Hungarian Public Broadcast provided presentation on the Europeana program (  of the European Digital Library. Best practices  related to the theme Geographic Information were presented by representatives of FÖMI and HUNAGI. Dr. J. Mlinarics, President of MATISZ and the eContentplus National Contact Point chaired the session devoted to the best practices. Marcel Watelet of DG InfSo, Ferenc Hargitai of MATISZ and Anikó Balogh of SZÁMALK, independent expert for DG InfSo gave useful hints for the participants how to submit application for the next (last) eContentplus Call scheduled for early June.
The presentation delivered by HUNAGI is available here: 
In the European Digital Library theme, the presenter was Julianna Mátrai of the Hungarian Broadcasting. In the Education Content the Corvinus University and MÖGÉRT provided presentatin. All the ppts will be available on the website in some days.

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