Saturday, April 05, 2008

Notes for the President

Bas Kok, President of GSDI Association with Ex-President Jarmo Ratia (r) and Vice-President Abbas Rajibafard at the GSDI-10 Gala Dinner. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008. By request, in his capacity as Secretary of the GSDI Association, HUNAGI SG submitted a two page notes to the President Prof. Dr. Bas Kok in the context GSDI Association and the global developments with special emphasis on UNGIWG/SDI and GEO/GEOSS. Also actions and events of CEOS WGISS (September, Boulder) and the Digital Earth Summit (November, Potsdam) were mentioned. The new biodiversity arm of the GEOSS, the inaugural meeting of the GEO Biodiversity Network (GEO BON) under the leadership of DIVERSITAS and NASA is scheduled for the next week. Before taking notes usually short consultations with relevant people have been arranged.

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