Friday, August 29, 2008

Successful Workshop devoted to local/thematic SDI evaluation

eSDI-Netplus Workshop in Budapest on 29 August

Program completed:
8:55 Welcome address given by Barkóczi, Zsolt President of HUNAGI
9:00 Territorial Information System (
TeIR) presented by Juhász, P. Géza, VÁTI
URLs (homepages and reference):

Discussion contributors: dr. Mihály, Szabolcs (FÖMI), dr. Remetey-Fülöpp, Gábor (HUNAGI)
9:30 National Technical and Executive Information System for public Roads (
KOMVIR) presented by Radnóthy, Csaba, CIO, Hungarian Roads Management Company
Discussion contributors: Lévai, Pál (FÖMI), dr. Alabér, László (DoD Mapping Company), dr. Mihály, Szabolcs (FÖMI)
10:00 MÉTA Database Service
and Landscape Ecological Vegetation Atlas of Hungary presented by Dr. Horváth, Ferenc Institute of Ecology and Bottany
URLs homepage and references:
Discussion contributors: Cservenák, Róbert (HungaroCAD), Juhász, P. Géza (VÁTI), Ferencz, Viktória (VÁTI), dr. Mihály, Szabolcs (FÖMI), dr.Remetey-Fülöpp Gábor (HUNAGI), dr. Martinovich, László (FÖMI)
10:30 The Hungarian National Vineyard GIS Register (VINGIS) presented by dr. Martinovich, László and dr. Molnár, Attila both FÖMI Remote Sensing Centre. Co-author: Katona, Zoltán FÖMI TK
URL: (Public website)
11:00 National Ragweed and Allergic Plants Control System (
PIR) presented by dr.Martinovich, László. Author: Dr. Mikus, Gábor FÖMI KT Co-authors: Csornai, Gábor and Irén Hubik FÖMI TK
URL: (Public website)
INVATER presented by Cservenák Róbert, HungaroCAD
Discussion contributors: Pogrányi, Károly, dr. Mihály, Szabolcs, Barkóczi, Zsolt
12:00 Information on some follow-on actions and wrap-up given by dr.Remetey-Fülöpp, Gábor (HUNAGI)
Additional participants: Katona, Zoltán (FÖMI), Mitnyan, Zoltán (graphIT/Intergraph),Pogrányi Károly (HungaroCAD/Autodesk), Virágh, Hajnalka (HungaroCAD), Oláh, Attila, (ESRI Magyarország), Beke, Dániel (ESRI Magyarország).
Apologies were received from: Gabriella Szomolaiova (Intergraph, Slovakian eSDI-Net+ contact), Takács, Ferenc (Zalaegerszeg City Municipality), dr. Mikus, Gábor (FÖMI), Prof. dr. Márkus, Béla (UWH Faculty of Land Management and Geoinformatics)
Dr.Szabolcs Mihály, Director General of FÖMI, Zsolt Barkóczi, President of HUNAGI and Géza P. Juhász, GIS expert of VÁTI. Images: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2008
All of the six local/thematical SDI were recommended to take part on the European-level evaluation contest within the framework of the Working Package 2 of the eSDI-Net+ project (an EU eContent program). Registration should be completed on-line by the representatives of the selected systems before 20 September. The early Hungarian experiences related to the use of the Evaluation methodology elaborated by EUROGI in 2008 will be shared at the Project Consortium Meeting hosted by the La Sapienza University in Rome on 11-12 September.

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