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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nature SDIplus Workshop hosted by GRID Budapest

HUNAGI recommendations and announcements included:
1. Necessity of a strategy approved by the government
2. The National INSPIRE Committee should include governmental representatives of the different sectors but also some members from academia and NGOs.
3. the SDI evaluation methodology should be applied for some of the MoEW information and service systems such as OKIR, EUVKI and TIR as it was suggested by the former EU INSPIRE Committee member Pál Bozó
4. The announcement of the newest INSPIRE related country survey orchestrated by K.U.Leuven has been arrived. As in all previous case, FÖMI and HUNAGI is ready to complete the questionnaire for the Ministry of Environment and Water responsible and primary contact point for INSPIRE.
5.The 10 National Park Directorates became member of HUNAGI. Using this opportunity, a workshop should be prepared devoted to the Natural Park's specific tasks and further application developments
As announcement, the following issues were addressed:
ad Digital Earth
Revisit the Al Gore' initiative and formulation of the next generation Digital Earth
Beijing Declaration of Digital Earth emphasizing the role and importance of SDI explicitly
Digital Earth Summit 2010 in Nessebar with the title: DIGITAL EARTH
1. The societal context of Digital Earth: benefits, costs, policies, and regulations
2. Digital Earth at local, regional, and global levels: from strategy to realization
3. Digital Earth in sustainable development at local and regional levels
4. Digital Cities: technology and applications
5. Access to Digital Earth: privacy, security, and trust
6. The citizen as contributor to Digital Earth
HUNAGI for the ISDE-8 Symposium in Budapest in 2013 announced in Beijing in September 2009
European Digital Earth Platform - Discussion at DG JRC in mid January 2010
Lobbying: EUROGI President sent a letter to EC President Barroso on the role of SDI in the Climate change context
timing for the coming Copenhagen conference. HUNAGI will inform the Head of the Hungarian Delegation.

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