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Stimulating PSI Re-use - 1st ePSIplatform Meeting in Stockholm

From our daily mail. Federico Morando of the LAPSI project wrote recently:
"Dear All,
you are probably already aware of this PSI related meeting; in any case, I think that it may be appropriate to use our mailing list to share this kind of invitations and/or calls.
Thanks and best regards,
Federico Morando
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Subject:        [Epsiplatform.newsletter] Registration Open - ePSIplatform Meeting 1 – Stimulating PSI Re-use: European Progress
Date:   Tue, 10 Nov 2009 06:47:51 +0000
From:   ePSIplatform Newsletter
*Dear Colleagues,*
*Date:* Tuesday, 24 November 2009 (one day)
*Location and Venue*: Aula Magna, Auditorium, Stockholm University, Sweden
This is the first of four meetings the ePSIplatform is hosting for the PSI community which will focus on issues, strategies, actions and information sharing to stimulate PSI re-use.  
*We hope that you can participate and contribute to the discussion and debate – share your experience and information either from the perspective of a PSI re-user or PSI holder.*
*What are the Meeting Objectives?*
To consider:
  * recent actions by the Swedish Government to improve the
    implementation of the re-use of public sector information
    framework by the summer of 2010
  * pragmatic initiatives taken by other Member States and public
    sector bodies to raise awareness and facilitation of the re-use of
*What will be Debated and Discussed?*
  * lessons from the Swedish Government initiatives
  * advantages of pragmatic solutions that have been used across Europe
*Overarching Goal?*
  * To assess whether these lessons are transferable and could be
    adopted across Europe
*Meeting Programme*
Access the Meeting Programme
The Meeting Programme includes updates from the European level, from Sweden and Spain followed by sessions on PSI regulation and pragmatic approaches adopted toward advancing PSI Re-use across Europe.
  * Part 1:  Setting the Scene
  * Part 2:  Focus on European and Member State Updates
  * Part 3:  Focus on Competition Law and Regulators
  * Part 4:  Focus on Pragmatic Issues Moving the PSI Re-use Agenda
*Meeting Participants:*
  * Policy makers
  * Researchers and practitioners
  * PSI holders
  * PSI re-users
  * Digital Activists
  * Advance registration is required. There is no registration fee.
  * To register for the meeting or for more information: contact the
    European PSI Platform Team by email
Regards, Rob Davies
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