Saturday, May 21, 2011

International Conference on Emergency Management Technology - ICEMT 2011 conferences and exhibition in Hungary

Development of European Union public administrative procedures for the reduction and management of environmental hazards
Recovery of the red sludge disaster as experienced by the Hungarian public administration, civil protection, science, media and economy
23-25 May, 2011 Budapest-Veszprém-Szekszárd
Organiser:  ÖKOPolisz Cluster with stakeholders from the government. 
Working languages: English and Hungarian
Source: website of ÖKOPolisz Cluster:
HUNAGI member institution Károly Róbert college will deliver 3 presentations (dr. T. Biró, Dr.P. Burai as well as Dr. J. Berke in the session topics remote sensing mainly dealing with thei applied hyperspectral survey)
Press release on the red sludge disaster in Hungary: PressReleaseNDGDM (10.5 MB)

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