Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recommendation submitted by HUNAGI has been voted by the Information Society Parliament

The Information Society Parliament was arranged by the second time by Infotér. The first day of the event was hosted by the Upper House Hall of the Parliament building where all ministries and governmental agencies were represented on high level including the Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources. About 700 participants applied for participation  from the civil sector. Some weeks earlier they have the chance to suggest issues to be addressed by the agenda, formulate written proposals to be voted and put questions to be answered by the relevant governmental decision makers, responsible civil servants.
By the end of the first day the Information Society Parliament has voted two proposals, asking the supportive contribution of the Subcommittee on Informatics of the Hungarian Parliament's Committee on Economics and Informatics and to submit them to the Government.
- the first proposal was urging the Government to make action plan to reduce the digital gap, 
- the second proposal (formulated and presented by HUNAGI) was urging the Government to make action plan
for strengthen the preparedness of the local governments to able using the potentials of mobil GIS and VGI widely at the time when the broadband will be available for all of the municipalities in 2013. In the escorting background material many of the positive societal-ecoomic impacts have been introduced.
HUNAGI formulated some questions as well in the topics INSPIRE  and GMES coordination, GEO and UNSDI/GGIM, involvement of civil sector and about the intention of the government to reform the old AK (gold crown)-based land evaluation system.
A more detailed Hungarian version of the report is available at HUNAGI Napló (assisted by machine translator)

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