Friday, June 01, 2012

HUNAGI at the Global Geospatial Conference 2012

Picture: L&SE Committee Workshop moderated by 
Bastiaan van Loenen. HUNAGI, 2012
The event attracted 680 people from 556 countries was hosted by Canada in Québec City between 13-17 May. 
A summary of the event can be found at: 
HUNAGI contributions include:
- participation of the GSDI Council Meeting and report on the GEO VIII and WGISS 31-33 Meetings on May 13
(pdf downloadable)
- participation of the Assembly of the International Geospatial Society on May 13
- participation of the Legal and Socioecon Committee"s Workshop and promoting the EU LAPSI project in the context Global Survey of Licence Models on May 14
- delivering an oral presentation at the session "Spatially Enabling Government"  on May 15 (Pdf downloadable: 18.5 MB)
- moderating the session "Spatially Enabling Government" on May 16

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