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Friday, April 20, 2007

Chinese Delegation of National SDI Coordination will meet with the Stakeholders of UNSDI HUCO

HUCO website visitors from P.R.China up till now. Larger size circle represents 10-99 visitors. Captured from ClustMaps (TM), 2007
Visit of a high-profile Chinese Delegation in Hungary

3rd (extraordinary) Meeting of the Steering Committee of the UNSDI HUCO devoted to the Delegation of the National SDI Coordination Committee of P.R.C.

Rearranged Date: 23rd May, 2007
Venue: FÖMI Remote Sensing Centre, Budapest

Preliminary agenda (will come soon)

Chinese Delegation includes: Mr.Chen Xuanqing, Deputy General Director, Head of DelegationState Commission of Development and Reform, Ms.Li Junfen, Inspector State Commission of Development and Reform, Ms.Pan Mali, Deputy Division Chief State Commission of Development and Reform, Ms.Zeng Lan, ProfessorAcademy of Macroeconomic Research of the State Commission of Development and Reform, Mr.Huang Denshan, Researcher The Ministry of Finance P.R.C., Mr.Wang Zhiqiang, Associate ProfessorInformation Center The Ministry of Land and Resources P.R.C., Mr. Liu Haiqi, Researcher The Ministry of Agriculture P.R.C., Mr.Chen Changsong, Deputy General Director State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, Mr.Huang Tieqing, Division Chief Bureau of Science and Technology for Resources and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr.Wu Bingfang, Professor Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr.Liu Zhenmin, Deputy Division Chief State Ocean Administration P.R.C., Mr.Lu Jiankang, Division Chief Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Development and Reform, Mr.Rao Gangjian, Deputy Division Chief Guangdong Provincial Commission of Development and Reform
HUCO Stakeholders include:
Zsolt Barkóczi, Director of Informatics, VÁTI, Dr. Csaba Csapodi, Ministry of Economics and Transport, Dr. Előd Both, Director Hungarian Space Research Office, MoEW, Dr. Pál Bozó, Director General, Ministry of Environment and Water, Dr. Kordos László, Director, Hungarian Geological Institute, Col. László Buga Director Mapping Service, Ministry of Defense, Dr. Péter Csóka Director General, Renewable Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Zoltán Dunkel, President, Hungarian Meteorological Service, Gábor Horváth, Director General, Land Administration and Geoinformation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Prof.Dr. Béla Márkus Dean, Faculty of Geoinformation, University West Hungary, Dr. Szabolcs Mihály Director General, Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing FÖMI, Academician Dr. Tamás Németh Director General, Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Zsolt Sikolya President, HUNAGI, Col. Gyula Szabó Chief of Service Geoinformation of the Hungarian Defense Forces, Assigned Representative, National Office of Research and Technology, Assigned Representative, National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Evelin Lantos, Hungarian FAO National Committee, Péter Gresiczki Hungarian UNESCO National Committee, Mariann Kovács Deputy General Director International and EU Relations MoARD, Academician Zsolt Harnos, Budapest Corvinus University, Prof. Miklós Herdon, President, Hungarian Federation for Agroinformatics
Special Guests includes:
Ms. Maria Kadlecikova, Representative of FAO at the Subregional Centre for Eastern and Central Europe
Michal Demes, Informatin Officer, FAO SEUR, Budapest
Jelle U. Hielkema, Consultants, UNGIWG/UNSDI

Host and Chair of the Meeting: Gabor Csornai, Head, FÖMI Remote Sensing Center
Direct link with the Chinese Delegation is provided by Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp, Head, UNSDI HUCO

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