Wednesday, May 30, 2007

HUNAGI/UNSDI HUCO presentation at the 1st GIS Congress in the Czech Republic

The Castle of Mikulov, venue of the GIS Congress.
Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2007

In the international session EUROGI, OGC, EARSeL, IGN Dresden and HUNAGI presented papers.

Invited by CAGI, Stakeholder of the UNSDI CZCO, paper on the Networking in Hungary was presented by the Secretary General of HUNAGI. Also the achievments reached by UNSDI HUCO Stakeholders were introduced around the Topics INSPIRE and NSDI. The First GIS Congress in the Czech Republic was attracted more than 200 participants. The full program is at Details will come soon.
The Hungarian paper is downloadable here:
Photographic impressions around the Congress:

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