Tuesday, May 15, 2007

UNSDI website and newsblog visited from all over the world

Visitors of the past 24 hours as shown by the website's Geolocation software, May 15, 2007
Our visitors in the last 24 hours
from Southern California to Tasmania was visited from 31 countries in the last two weeks. was referred from 39 countris during the past 14 days
Even the HUNAGI newsblog in Hungarian was visited from 26 countries in the first half of May 2007.
Every visitor can check even her/his visit by clicking the logo of Shinystat, the colour sign next to the figure of the number of visitors, the Misc.... Last 15 Visitors.... Description. Or, if you are looking for the listings of the visitors by countries, you can click the Referrers and the Countries. You do not need ID or password to do so.

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