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Monday, February 15, 2010

HUNAGI Conference on FOSS and freely accessible geospatial data

Image: © HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2010

Venue: MoARD Building, Budapest
Date: 25 February, 2010
As integrated part of the full day program having working language in Hungarian, a plenary session will be devoted to share experiences and disseminate best practices from abroad by the active participation of experts from the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information (EUROGI), the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), the HUMBOLDT project and from Austria. In this session the working language will be English. 
To register please click on the header or on the following link:
To see the program in Hungarian, please use the following link:

Until now we have 89 registered participants. The pie chart shows their breakdown by sectors. The anticipated number of the participants is about 200. Target audience is representatives of local governments and their partner institutions and organisations.
The program in English is as follows:

Do we have to pay for everything?
Spatial data and their management with open access
Budapest, 25th February 2010
MoARD Theatre Room
Budapest V. Kossuth Lajos tér 11

9:00 – 10:00 Registration
(Spatial) informatics and tasks of the local governments
Session Chair: Zsolt Barkóczi
Welcome address  Zsolt Barkóczi, President  HUNAGI
Ferenc Sirman, State Secretary MoARD
Ms. Dr. Viktória Zöld-Nagy, Deputy Director General, Department of Public Administration,  Ministry of Self Governments
Lajos Kósa Lajos, President, Federation of the Cities with County Right
Péter Borján, Mayor of Kőszárhegy, Federation of Settlement Self Governments

Open discussion moderated by Zsolt Barkóczi. Invited panelists includes the morning speakers and Dr. Zsuzsanna Kerekes (Director General, Office of the Ombudsman); Tamás Prajczer (GeoX Ltd., Managing director); Sándor Tóth (Deputy Director General, MoARD)
12:00 –12:50 Lunch
Best practices from abroad
Session Chair: Dr. Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp
Prof. Dr. Rui Pedro Juliao, (EUROGI Executive Committee Member) – IGP experiences providing service for the local governments using opensource softwares and freely available data
Dr. Karel Charvat (HUMBOLDT project) – Open Source and Open Data Accessibility as the way to Single Information Space for Environment also at the Local Government
Ms. Athina Trakas (Open Geospatial Consortium, Director, European Services) – Integration of geospatial data with OGC standards and Open Source Software: from local government to state level
FH Prof. Dr. Gernot PAULUS (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Vice Dean, Professor) Open Address Portal for Austria  (Crowdsourcing of Geodata – User-generated Geocontent)
14:10 – 14:30 Coffee break
Opportunities for the way ahead
Session Chair: Dezső Mikus
14:30 – 14:50
Szabolcs Székács (European Commission, Informatics Directorate-General) – It is easier together! collaborative development environment and OSS project clearinghouse
Károly Szittner (Director of Secretariat, State Secretariat for Informatics, Prime Minister’s Office);
Géza Péter Juhász– János Dolleschal (CASCADOSS Hungary Society - Compet-Terra Bt ) – Results of the CASCADOSS project
Ferenc Zaka (Founder, Openmaps project); András Kolesár (Member of the  Board, Hungarian Society of  Geocaching) –Community built spatial data in Hungary: and
Open discussion

Open discussion moderated by Géza Péter Juhász, President, CASCADOSS Hungary Society  Invited panelists include:
Dr. László Alabér (Expert, Mapping Nonprofit Ltd of the MoD);
Dr. Zoltán Siki (Dept. of Geodesy and Surveying, Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
György Husza (Managing Director, Tekiré Ltd.);
Zsolt Keringer (CIO, Local Government of Szombathely)
Dr. Szabolcs Mihály (General Director, FÖMI);
Krisztina Szabó, (Manager Industry, eGovernment, ESRI Magyarország Ltd.);
Károly Pogrányi (Managing Director, Hungarocad Ltd.,);
Károly Szittner (Director of Secretariat, State Secretariat for Informatics, Prime Minister’s Office);
Ferenc Takács (GIS expert Local Government of  Zalaegerszeg);
Voloncs György (General Director, Varinex Ltd.)

Supporting organisations: 
ESRI Hungary Ltd, HungaroCAD Ltd, Varinex Stakeholders Co., Tekiré Ltd.

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