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IAGA 2009 Conference in Sopron attracts over 900 participants from 59 countries.

Statue of the Statesman Szécheny in Sopron Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008
International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy
IAGA 11th Scientific Assembly,
Sopron, August 23-30, 2009
Further information:
The scientific event will be attended smong others by the Presidents of IAGA and IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics), the Minister of environment and Water as well as the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Host institution is the Research Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (a HUNAGI member) .

Extract from the official Press Release

"Our Earth: A Flying Magnet


"Our magnetic planet in space"

The IAGA 11th Scientific Assembly in Sopron

The International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA) is a non-governmental organization founded to promote and coordinate studies of the electrical and magnetic properties of the Earth’s core, mantle and crust, of the middle and upper atmosphere, of the ionosphere and magnetosphere, and of the Sun, the solar wind, the planets and interplanetary bodies. The IAGA 11th Scientific Assembly (, after the 10th Assembly in Toulouse, 2005) is held in Sopron from 24 to 29 August 2009 with the motto: “Our Magnetic Planet Moving in Space”.

The 53 symposia of five Divisions (I: Internal Magnetic Field, II: Aeronomic Phenomena, III: Magnetospheric Phenomena, IV: Solar Wind and Interplanetary Field, V: Geomagnetic Observatories, Surveys and Analyses) and two Interdivisional commissions (on History and on Developing Countries) attracted 1222 abstracts, submitted from 59 countries. In Sopron approximately 700 oral talks and 500 posters will be presented in the developing “Sopron Downtown Conference Centre”, with the Liszt Ferenc Congress and Cultural Centre as its focal point. The oral talks will run in nine session halls, and the posters (first time at such international meetings) will be on show for the whole week. Approximately 170 scientists received some partial support to attend the Assembly: about 120 people directly from IAGA and 50 from various Hungarian and international sources.

The Sopron Assembly is an outstanding event of the ending year of the IYPE (International Year of Planet Earth) triennium 2007-2009, and also of accompanying international years (Heliophysical Year, Polar Year and Electronic Geophysical Year). IYPE will be represented at the Sopron Assembly Exhibition. The Springer Science+Business Media (which will publish the official IAGA Special Sopron Book Series as a sub-series to the IYPE series as a legacy to the Year), INTERMAGNET and further commercial exhibitors (Bartington, AGICO, Akadémiai Kiadó, etc.) will be represented, too. The Assembly will be held under the patronage of József Pálinkás, President of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Imre Szabó, Minister of Environment and Water and Tamás Fodor, Mayor of Sopron. The Opening Ceremony is fully organized by the City of Sopron. Hungarian Oil Company (MOL) is the sponsor of a major cultural event; National Office for Science and Technology supported more than 40 scientists to attend the meeting.

As we have realized, there is a quite significant public interest toward the mysteries of geomagnetic field: among others toward its pole reversals. It is our responsibility to bring all IAGA sciences closer to Society. An especially important societal contribution of the Sopron Assembly might be expected in the field of climate change. As it has been recently underlined by the President of IAGA (see IAGA News 45), the scientific debate about the climate change has not ended. It will and must continue with open exchange of ideas. It will continue among others in Sopron, too.

The Local Organizing Committee and the Hungarian National Committee of IUGG are pleased to welcome you to the IAGA 11th Scientific Assembly in Hungary.

László Szarka, IAGA 2009 LOC Chair

József Ádám, Chair of Hungarian National Committee of IUGG"

Pictures taken in the historical core of Sopron.

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