Saturday, August 15, 2009

June 2009 Issue of the CEODE Newsletter

From our daily surface mail. Just received from Beijing.
The June Issue covers
- special report on experimental studies on RS-based earthquake monitoring,
- news coverages on a roadmap for space and technology development to 2050 in 18 priority fields, strategic partnership with the National Commission of Man an the Biosphere,
- news on scientific research advancements and
- highlights of international cooperation and exchange including Australia-Brazil-Canada-China program on comparative studies of environmental change via EO,
participation at the EARSeL, as well as
- construction of the large CEODE research facility north of Beijing.
The News Roundup publishes news on the coming ISDE6 -related joint session of the symposium committees attended by 50 professionals including seven academicians. The ISDE 6 Symposium scheduled for 9-12 September has attracted more than 900 papers and reports from more than 40 countries, including Hungary. (The eSDI-Net+ SDI evaluation methodology will be introduced by the EU project coordinator and the representative of the Hungarian consortium partner HUNAGI.)
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