Thursday, August 27, 2009

On-line access to the preliminary program of the 6th ISDE

International Convention Center, the venue of the 6th Digital Earth Symposium. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2008
From our daily mail. Prof. Wang Changlin wrote this morning:

"The final program of the 6th International Symposium on Digital Earth (Preliminary Agenda) is available online at"

Access to the Beijing Declaration on the Digital Earth:

In the session devoted to SDI, Prof. Max Craglia and Alessandro Annoni, two of the prominent authors of the
Discussion paper of the Vespucci Initiative will deliver a lecture entitled From Today's SDIto the Next Generation Digital Earth(s). The original study, published in the IJSDR is downloadable here:

Next-Generation Digital Earth

A position paper from the Vespucci Initiative for the Advancement of

Geographic Information Science (Max Craglia1, Michael F. Goodchild2, Alessandro Annoni1, Gilberto Camara3,

Michael Gould4, Werner Kuhn5, David Mark6, Ian Masser7, David Maguire8, Steve Liang9, Ed Parsons10)

1 European Commission Joint Research Centre


2 University of California at Santa Barbara []

3 National Institute for Space Research, Brasil []

4 University Jaume I, Castellon []

5 University of Münster []

6 State University of New York at Buffalo []

7 University College London []

8 ESRI, Redlands []

9 University of Calgary []

10 Google []

In the same session HUNAGI-eSDI-NET+ representatives Joachim Rix and SG of HUNAGI will present the SDIs evaluation methodology elaborated by the eSDI-NET+ project entitled International Networking and Exchange of Best Practices in SDIs

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